Instructions Booklet

Terms of Use
Rose Garden Graphics is primarily a linkware site. If you are looking for free graphics for your non-commercial website this is the place to be! :) With the exception of the Rose Garden Design on this page and the Three Nieces Design on the entry page, the graphics on this site are free for the taking, provided you include a link to Rose Garden Graphics on the page in which you use my designs. You may use the logos provided
HERE if you like, or the ones provided with the sets. Then email us with your web site address so I can see your work.

If you find a background you like, please click on the image to see what it would look like on your webpage. See the instructions below on how to save your images to your computer. If you need help with putting the images on your page, please check out HTML Help, an excellent site for learning basic HTML. If you need help with tables (which you will need for both the bordered backgrounds and the imbedded table backgrounds (like this one) the TableMaker can help. If you need help with color schemes: ColorMaker is a good resource.

IMPORTANT! Please do not link the background graphics to this Site. Save them on your own server.

How to Save My Graphics
For PC Users:
You can save the design by right clicking on the page and choosing "save background as" on the drop-down menu. To save lines, titles or buttons, right click on them and choose "save picture as" on the drop down menu.
For Mac Users:
You can save the design by holding down your mouse button until the pop-up menu apears. Choose... save image.
AOL Users
AOL Browsers have a default compression option on them. In order to see these graphics properly, you must turn it off. Go to Preferences and choose WWW. Then choose the tab labled Graphics. Once this is done, please uncheck "use graphics compression." Once you do this you'll see a world of difference in the quality of graphics on many webpages.

Custom Graphics for Personal and Commercial Sites
We can provide you with something special if you are looking for a customized homepage. We offer this service free of charge for small, personal homepages. Please contact us for details.

If you are in need of professional graphic designs for your commerical web page, we design commercial graphics for a small charge. Rose Garden Graphics also designs eye catching buttons, banners, and logos. Please contact us for details.