Bakelite: Unfortunately for Jasper, Dr Leo Baekeland managed to patent this non-flammable early plastic before Olivia could. Like Jasper, Dr. Baekland, a Belgian chemist, created the resin quite upon accident, originally intending it for a bowling ally resin. Once he discovered the versatile uses of his invention (used for everything from electric wire coatings to jewelry), he created the Bakelike Corporation in 1910. Bakelite is now extremely collectable.

Magic Lanterns: A very popular form of entertainment before the invention of the movie camera, the magic lantern was on its way out by the turn of the century. A combination of story telling, slides, smoke, mirrors, and sound effects made these shows very exciting. Slides could be very elaborate, and even move, with the use of layering. Learn more here: A Thrill in the Dark, The Victorian Magic Lantern and my personal favorite, Professor Clark's Magic Lantern Show

The Waterproof Vacuum Cleaner: The first vacuum cleaners were made in the late 19th and early 20th century. The first vacuum cleaner manufacturing company was established in 1905 by Mr. Grier, in Cleveland, OH, but it was Spangler who developed the idea of combining a suction motor with the sweeping action of a carpet sweeper. He borrowed pillow cases from his wife, which he placed on the vacuum, thus creating a place for all the dirt and dust to collect, rather that going back on the carpet. By 1910, the 25 lb vacuum had been reduced to only 5 or 6 pounds. Jasper was certainly ahead of his time when he worked on his water-proof vacuum cleaner. Imagine the difficulty of cleaning all those "pillowcases" filled with mud! You can find more information at A History of Vacuum Cleaners


The Toaster: According to the Cyber Toaster Museum (yes, there is such a place!)Jasper was behind the times when he invented his manual toaster. Toasters similar to Jasper's, in which bread was placed between a metal bread holder and then rotated into the fire, were very common at the turn of the century. With the new upsurge of electricity, Jasper's contemporaries, such as Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse were busy trying to invent an electric toaster. Edison succeeded in 1910, heralding in a new era for toast.

Airplane: Jasper built his glider around 1905. The 1st manned flight was in 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright, powered by a bicycle, but people all over the world had been toying with the idea of flying machines for a long time. Leonardo DeVinnce, for example drew up plans for a flying machine back in the 1600's. Jasper was trying to make a solely human powered airplane, a type of flying machine that didn't have a significant flight distance until the 1970's!

Congratulations egg hunters!  You found it!:)  Happy Easter!
Hetty's Home Movie Speech:"This is Avonlea, at least it's the Avonlea I know, with all its many inhabitants of whom I am proud to say I am one. We are a proud and God fearing, too. I believe good fortune has shown on us, making this island our very happy home. And you can be sure that life here isn't all work and no play. Avonlea likes it's drama, and we do it with plenty of zip and enthusiasm. I'd like to think of us as one large family, and like true family members, well we don't always get along. We're not perfect, no, but we do care a great deal for one another. And one day when we grow old and bid adieu to this fair earth, there will be others who will take our place and feel as passionately about Avonlea as we do. Why, someday, the images you see will be all that's left of the town we love so dearly. A thousand years from now, I suppose, there will be little left to tell of our simple existence. But then, perhaps these moving pictures will speak to those who come after, of how we P E Islanders grew-up, lived, married, and died, here at the beginning of the twentieth century. So, when you look around you, on the haunted hills, the homestead lights, or the fields tilled by the dead and gone who loved them, you'll say, "Why, I've come home." Why, we were lucky enough to live each moment of every day in which Jasper Dale has been fortuitist and ingenious enough to capture, so that we and future generations might know it."

Edison Projector: Edison invented the first moving picture in the 1860's... The first images he captured were much like the ones Jasper took in "Home Movie"; ones of every day life. It wasn't long after that, however, that he began creating stories for the screen.

"Journey to the Moon": The first science fiction film ever produced, the movie the citizens of Avonlea watched at Lawson's was made in 1900 in France by lalalala...

Jasper's Wedding Speech: "To fall in love with Olivia, or even more unbelievable, to her fall in love with me is the most astounding and wonderful thing to ever happen to me." (Turns to Olivia) "You are the most special person."
"Now, I know how the King family rallies around to look after one another, so I want to assure you all that I'm not taking Olivia away from this solid family of hers. I am honored to become a part of it."
Now, I want to propose a toast to my new bride, who means more to me than anything in the whole world. To Olivia!"

Bats on PEI: Coming: Info about bats on PEI. What kinds? Where do the live? What did people know about echo location and bat communication in 1910?

Lightbulbs: The light bulb was invented in 18... by Thomas Edison. (Jasper must have admired Edison immensely... he studied many of Edison's inventions.) More info soon.

The Assembly Line: Made popular by Henry Ford, the assembly line process revolutionized manufacturing in the US, creating jobs, and sending many people from the farms to the city. Jasper used the concept to speed up the process of canning lobster. To quote "Ragtime", Ford's idea was that "even men who ain't too clever can learn to tighten one nut or pull one leaver. Henry Ford!..." (heehee, Ford never met the likes of Lionel Lester,now, did he?)

Phonograph: Jasper's machine recorded a person's voice on a cylinder and played it back when the operator tuned a crank. Devices like Jaspers had been around for several years. Another Edison invention, I think... hmm, noticing a pattern here?

Hetty's Final Speech: "...You see I'd been fretting and fuming over the changes sweeping over our little town and change is inevitable; of course it is. People will leave our town. Some may have to, but Avonlea will never vanish. Gus and Felicity will be staying here to carry on with the Foundling Home and one day start a family of thier own perhaps. But wherever they go; all the young people of Avonlea, the memory of this place, the people, the land, the sea; these things will never be forgotten, but will remain in their hearts forever. And so I'll ask you all now to raise your glasses and join me in a toast, to the bride and groom... to friends and loved ones, near and far; that wherever you wonder, whatever glorious adventures lie ahead of you, you can rest easy knowing you've a place to come home to, ....The dearest spot on Earth... Our Avonlea."

Hetty's Christmas Toast:"...Well... We are blessed! Here's a toast: to the joys of the season; to those gathered here and to those in our hearts; to being loved. Happy Christmas to us all! Happy Christmas!